About Me

It all started in 1985, at the newspaper the ‘Daily News-Miner’ in Fairbanks, Alaska. That is where good typography was instilled in me. Along with typography came the proper way of clean and balanced layout work, anywhere from ad layout to Special Editions.

After 10 years of composing/layout work, my family and I moved to Portugal where that expertise was put to the test by operating a Portuguese Publishing House.

There in Portugal, materials ranging from brochures to full color newsletters were designed, layed out and printed. Twenty-two (22) books were also seen through the complete pre-print process, translation from English, cover design, layout to the final product, all of these in the Portuguese language.

Some of the books and material were done in multiple languages such as Italian, French and Spanish.

I bring to you 26 years of print design and layout experience in creating memorable and engaging print productions. I can take your concept and turn it into a tangible piece of communication. Whether it be a business card, book layout or the design of a website, rest assured it will be beautiful, eye-catching and readable!

“I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.”

Linden Leader